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Why are sports important – especially for girls and women?

Confidence. Determination. Teamwork. Leadership. The lessons we learn in athletics carry beyond the playing field. And equip us for success in life.

“Having the perfect sports bra allows me to perform comfortably throughout my routine. Being comfortable and having the perfect fit allows me to be confident in everything that I do.”

Katie, Davenport Cheerleading 


It’s obvious, right? Sports are good for girls – mentally and physically.
So why do so many girls opt out?

As early as the age of 14, girls drop out of sports at twice the rate of boys. As their bodies change, so does their self image. And self confidence. It’s estimated that 73% of girls between the ages of 11 and 18 see the development of breasts as a major barrier to physical activity.

Wait, what?
No girl should doubt her body. Or be held back by her boobs.

But it happens – a lot. Pain and discomfort. Self-consciousness. Embarrassment. For many girls and women, the lack of adequate support has kept them from participating in sports. And in life.

How is that even possible?
Because we’ve learned to settle for inadequate support. To believe it’s a question of fashion, not function. To assume there’s no better alternative.

Well, that’s bullshit.

Girls deserve a sports bra that boosts their confidence. Enables them to focus on their performance. And ensures that their bodies – their boobs – never get in the way of engaging in sports. And fully participating in life.

“As a pitcher having a good sports bra was key. Knowing that I would be 100% supported throughout the constant movement gave me one less thing to worry about. I could play the game and not have to worry about my boobs getting in the way of each pitch.”

@malremersma_4, Softball


This National Student Athlete Day, we want to celebrate sports bras – and the role they play in leveling the playing field. We want to ensure that no girl or woman drops out of sports or limits her activity because of one painfully simple oversight: a sports bra that fits and supports – no matter her size, shape or ability level.

“Being a female in a co-ed sport, you’re always being compared to the boys and their performances. So when I’m wearing my SHEFIT bra, I feel like I’m just as capable of running the same times the boys run.”

Jada, Track and Field


So today, let’s all celebrate the sports bra. And the student athletes who excel in them.

Getting the right fit isn’t a matter of one and done. And not just for obvious reasons like weight gain or weight loss. Your period – and the specific point in your period – affects your hormone levels, which affects the size of your boobs. As can diet and some forms of birth control. The bottom line? It’s best to measure every six months to be sure your bra size is in tune with your body.