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Welcome to Raising The Bra! The new SHEFIT podcast where we don't hold anything back; we tell it like it is and go all-in.

Join Sara, Founder and designer of SHEFIT, as she gets down to the nitty-gritty with the bra experts, athletes, designers, and other inspirational women. All the taboob subjects are on the table and up for discussion. Join the conversation of the month with #RaisingTheBra. It doesn't matter your size; if you have boobs, put your headphones in, get your SHEFIT on, and be put in total control with our podcast, Raising the Bra.

We are thrilled to kick start our series with one of our very own ambassadors and all-round amazing human being, Allyn Rose. If you don't know her story by now, then check it out here. Allyn is a warrior, former competitive roller skater, Founder of the Previvor Foundation, previvor herself, and inspiration to all. 

In this episode, she will share her journey, the challenges she faced, and how it sparked into the Previvor Foundation.