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It's time to shed light on some of the sisters that make up our SHEFIT family, you may have seen her before, but now it's time to get to know her. Meet Camee Adams, a self-employed entrepreneur, personal trainer, and mental health advocate! 

Get an inside look at the life of SHEFIT Ambassador Camee Adams:


What do you do for work?

Self-employed - - Wellness, personal training, yoga, fitness kickboxing, mitt work, mental health awareness. WMMA.


Where did you grow up, and what was it like growing up there? 

Sandy, UT. It was great! Very loving community and beautiful seasons.


And what did you like doing most as a kid? 

I played sports. Started out as a gymnast, then moved to competitive soccer. 


Was sport or exercise important to you then?

Sports were important to me, and I've always had an interest in exercise and health. My friends would come over, and I'd suggest going for a jog around the block for "fun."


If you were to give your personality a type, what would it be?

Straight forward, strong and resilient, but kind-hearted.


If possible, tell us about an event in your life that helped shape who you are today.

Being a young mother. I had to grow up quick and learn to be unselfish.



What are you currently working for/striving towards? 

Growing my business and taking a fight in the fall!


How does wearing SHEFIT make you feel? 

Confident and accepted.


What do you like most about SHEFIT as a brand? 

The Sisterhood and supportive vibes.


What does Sisterhood mean to you? 

Having a safe space to figure out life.


What does body positivity mean to you?

Not determining worth by unrealistic beauty standards.


What does Women Empowerment mean to you? 

Creation. Not waiting for someone else to do things for you. You have the power within yourself to create and be your own source of power.


What's your favorite type of exercise, and how often do you do it?

WMMA and yoga 5x week.


Why do you love it? What got you hooked on it?

It's empowering and mentally stimulating. Always keeps your learning.


What's your favorite music to work out to?

Depends on my mood.


Do you prefer to workout in a group or on your own? 

Both. Some days I want to be by myself. Others, I want to be in a group!


What's your favorite thing about the SHEFIT bra, and why? 

The Adjustable straps. If I gain or lose weight, I can adjust.


What sports bra did you wear previously, and what were your frustrations with it?

Usually Nike sports bras. Not very supportive.


How does the SHEFIT bra meet your needs as compared to your previous bra? 

By the support it offers.


Would you recommend a SHEFIT bra to your friends?/ what would you say to anyone looking for a new sports bra? 



What do you look for in the perfect legging?

Squat proof. High waisted. Gives the booty a little lift!