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It's time to shed light on some of the sisters that make up our SHEFIT family, you may have seen her before, but now it's time to get to know her. Meet Christie Valdiserri, dancer, model, fitness instructor, public speaker, and dance teacher! 

Get an inside look at the life of SHEFIT Ambassador Christie Valdiserri:


What do you do for work?

I am a dancer, model, fitness instructor, public speaker, and dance teacher! 


Where did you grow up, and what was it like growing up there? 

I grew up in West Chester, Pa… right outside of Philadelphia. I went to a catholic school my whole life, danced in a ballet company, and hosted my own dance camps out of my basement. It was fun living in an area with all four seasons--snow days were the best!


And what did you like doing most as a kid? Was sport or exercise important to you then?

I loved dancing!!!! I also played basketball and travel soccer as a kid. Sports and exercise were so important to me then! I was the kid that always had to be moving and doing something!


If you were to give your personality a type, what would it be?

Hmmm… My personality is very STRONG, I'd say. 


If possible, tell us about an event in your life that helped shape who you are today.

Losing all of my hair to Alopecia at 23 and moving across the country to Los Angeles has helped shape me into who I am today. I had to find myself again, with an entirely new look and in a whole new city. 



What are you currently working for/striving towards? 

I am currently building my online community called The Baldtourage. It is for all women, girls, and mothers with daughters with hair loss. We have different monthly online events and more fun things coming! I also am working towards my modeling career as a bald model. 


How does wearing SHEFIT make you feel? 

SHEFIT makes me feel in charge!


What do you like most about SHEFIT as a brand? 

I like that it is run and owned by women and how invested they are in supporting me as an individual! 


What does Sisterhood mean to you? 

Sisterhood means you got my back, NO MATTER WHAT. 


What does body positivity mean to you?

Body positivity means to me that I appreciate and love what I am right now in this moment. 


What's your favorite type of exercise, and how often do you do it?

Dance, of course! But I also love to run and lift weights… at least 4 times a week!


Why do you love it? What got you hooked on it?

Dance is an escape; it lets me express myself and allows me to truly feel in the moment. As for running and lifting weights, I got hooked on it in high school. There's no better feeling than after an intense run, sweating, and chugging water, knowing I just accomplished something that can be a challenge for me.


What's your favorite music to work out to?

Oh, Hip hop all day every day.


Do you prefer to workout in a group or on your own? 

I'm definitely a girl who prefers to work out alone!! It gets me focused and determined. 


What's your favorite thing about the SHEFIT bra, and why? 

I love that I can adjust the band that goes around my body because I feel like I have the control to set it exactly how I want it, and I know it will hold me in and also hold me up! 


Would you recommend a SHEFIT bra to your friends?/ what would you say to anyone looking for a new sports bra? 

Great question! High waisted with a waistband that is tight to my body. Also, length that goes all the way down to right above my ankle. Not see-through. Smooth texture. The perfect amount tight on the leg part to suck it all in!


What do you look for in the perfect legging?

Squat proof. High waisted. Gives the booty a little lift!