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It's time to shed light on some of the sisters that make up our SHEFIT family, you may have seen her before, but now it's time to get to know her. Meet Christie Valdiserri, dancer, model, fitness instructor, public speaker, and dance teacher! 

Get an inside look at the life of SHEFIT Ambassador Kathy Jacobs:


What do you do for work?

I am a model and actress. I also consider myself a pro age and petite model activist! 


Where did you grow up, and what was it like growing up there? 

I grew up in Texas. If I'm being honest, the truth is my childhood was tough. We were poor, I had a handicapped brother, and we moved a lot. I had to make new friends at each school.


And what did you like doing most as a kid? Was sport or exercise important to you then?

I loved being creative as a kid. One of my grandmothers was VERY artistic and made crafts, baked amazing desserts, and could paint anything. The other one liked to sew, and I loved spending time with both of them in Memphis. A TINY town in Texas...


Was sport or exercise important to you then?

I was a baton twirler in High School. I practiced for hours every day. It was fantastic exercise. Do baton twirlers still exist? lol


If you were to give your personality a type, what would it be?

Type A for sure! Creative, driven, funny, motivated, and resilient. I also make a lot of bad jokes. 


If possible, tell us about an event in your life that helped shape who you are today.

My difficult childhood taught me to never give up!


What are you currently working for/striving towards? 

Getting an agent. I don't have a modeling agent.... apparently they think I'm too old and short, but I'm not! Also, I would love to get a talent agent as well. I spent 5 years in my kitchen, developing a skincare line for women 40+ to have that manufactured and sold is my dream.


How does wearing SHEFIT make you feel? 

Wearing SHEFIT makes me feel supported and stylish at the same time.


What do you like most about SHEFIT as a brand? 

I love SHEFIT because it is run by women for women, who better to know what we need or want? I'm also loving the new bra and legging matching sets! If you are reading this, please send more!


What does Sisterhood mean to you? 

SHEFIT Sisterhood means when I put on my bra or leggings, I am also wearing a movement of empowerment, not just workout clothes. When I see other girls in SHEFIT I feel like they know me, and I know them in some sort of way.


What does body positivity mean to you?

Loving yourself as well as loving others for the body God gave them.

Body positivity is standing in your power for whatever others may seem as flawed, and in my case, it's being too old and too short. Two things I can't control are my height and my age, so I will not tolerate being judged for either!


What's your favorite type of exercise, and how often do you do it?

I do the @si_swimsuit live workouts 4 days a week. They are 30 minutes long, and I can handle 30 minutes. LOL Also, having someone there to motivate me even if it's on my phone has been a real lifesaver!!


Why do you love it? What got you hooked on it?

What I really love is bellydance class. Bellydance gives you your sexy back and is a great place for a sisterhood! It's also a great place for me to show off my SHEFIT bras! I miss bellydance class and plan to go back after the pandemic.


What's your favorite music to work out to?

Pop, rock, country... really any music. 


Do you prefer to workout in a group or on your own? 



What's your favorite thing about the SHEFIT bra, and why? 

SHEFIT is adjustable and supports me when I am jumping around. My daughter and I are different bra sizes, but both wear a small because SHEFIT is so adjustable. My favorite SHEFIT bra is the flex sports bra in blush. It fits great and is in my favorite color! And I love the rose gold detail on the sides/back. But my black flex is also great because it goes with everything. 


Would you recommend a SHEFIT bra to your friends?/ what would you say to anyone looking for a new sports bra? 

When I wear my SHEFIT sports bras, I always get asked where I got them and when I tell them about SHEFIT I always mention it's a woman-owned company with great fitting, quality products. It's shipped in a cute laundry bag to wash your bra in and a hair tie! 


What do you look for in the perfect legging?

Stretchy but supportive. Nice texture. Not see-through. Able to be washed without falling apart. I love the way SHEFIT leggings look too!