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Meet Tanaye White. You've seen her before, but now it's time to get to know her! Get an inside look at the life of SHEFIT Ambassador Tanaye White:


What do you do for work?

I am a full-time model. I also founded and operate a digital marketing agency. And I also side hustle as an Uber Eats driver!


Where did you grow up, and what was it like growing up there? 

I was born in Baltimore and raised in Connecticut. I feel blessed that I grew up in a community that fostered creativity, athleticism, and academia. 


And what did you like doing most as a kid? Was sport or exercise important to you then? 

I was a very hyper kid, so my parents always had me involved in some extracurricular activities. I was a dancer and gymnast. But I prided myself on being a competitive high school cheerleader and track and field (long jump, high jump, triple jump, and 200 hurdles) athlete. I went on to become a DII champion for long jump in college.


If you were to give your personality a type, what would it be?

I'm very independent. I like to do things myself before asking for help. I am very strong-minded and grounded in the things I stand for. And passion fuels me to be the best that I can be!


If possible, tell us about an event in your life that helped shape who you are today.

I battled depression as a teenager and lost a close friend to suicide my sophomore year of high school. Those experiences opened my eyes to the realm of mental health and how important it is to empathize with others & their experiences.


What are you currently working for/striving towards? 

I'm currently a top contender in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit's Swim Search. I am vying for the title of Rookie!


How does wearing SHEFIT make you feel? 

Confident! The security that the bra provides makes me ready to power through a hard workout.


What do you like most about SHEFIT as a brand? 

I love that SHEFIT shows women of all sizes and backgrounds. Diversity is so important to me, and the fact that SHEFIT makes their products for women of ALL types makes me so proud.


What does Sisterhood mean to you? 

Sisterhood, to me means being a shoulder to cry on, a friend to laugh with, and a partner to kickass with!


What does body positivity mean to you?

Body positivity is something I wish was celebrated more. No woman should ever feel pressured to be something she isn't. I love how the conversations surrounding body positivity encourage people to love themselves for exactly who they are. As long as you are happy & healthy, that's all that matters.


What's your favorite type of exercise, and how often do you do it?

I absolutely love ab workouts—I workout around four times per week.


Why do you love it? What got you hooked on it?

I enjoy feeling that burn! I always hated running, and while I love lifting, sometimes I'd feel weak and discouraged. But you can never go wrong with an ab session. Even if you half-ass it, you're still going to feel something.


What's your favorite music to work out to? -- I always listen to dance, house, and EDM music when working out. The tempo is always upbeat and keeps me motivated. 


Do you prefer to workout in a group or on your own? 

Even though I've been on sports teams my entire life, I prefer to workout by myself.


What's your favorite thing about the SHEFIT bra, and why? 

I'm a girl who loves to match, so I love that there's every color under the sun that I can match with my leggings, socks, shoes, etc. But my favorite thing about the SHEFIT bra is that I don't feel constricted. It is adjustable to fit my body so that no matter if I'm retaining a little more water weight than usual or may have lost weight, it fits me either way.


Would you recommend a SHEFIT bra to your friends?/ what would you say to anyone looking for a new sports bra? 

I rave about SHEFIT to all of my girls. For anyone looking for a new sports bra, I'd say SHEFIT is the best because you can workout/run as hard as you need without worry about straps slipping, nipples being revealed, or the elasticity/quality of the bra going down over time.


What do you look for in the perfect legging?

I need my leggings to be flexible with my body shape. I have a tiny waist but strong legs, and it's always a struggle to find leggings that fit in all areas. I also appreciate leggings that aren't see-through! No one needs to know I have on polka dot undies! I also love a high waist!