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SHEFIT Supports Extreme Body Changes

Meet SHEFIT Fit Expert, Melissa! She is the Director of Customer Experience, manages our Customer Experience Team, and is responsible for ensuring that all our company actions create the best overall experience for everyone who's a part of our community. Here are Melissa’s fit tips on how our three-way adjustability works with you through every body change along the way.

Her passion stems from personal experience with SHEFIT sports bras and the genuine belief that every woman deserves to be supported and feel in control through every stage of her life. Want to know more about Melissa? Read her interview below:

How did you first learn about SHEFIT?
I've worked out with SHEFIT Founder, Sara Marie, since before the bras birth and actually tested the first version of the Ultimate Sports Bra for her while working out. 

What's your favorite type of exercise?
I like to lift weights. I despise cardio. So for my cardio, I like to lift weights fast. LOL! I got hooked on lifting weights when I made an 85 lb body transformation after my first child, and I was still able to eat a ton of calories and fat (and still drink beer) in moderation and still maintain a badass figure and healthy body and mind. I like to workout and lift at least 3-4 times a week and do gentle walking on the other days. I got hooked on lifting weights when I found this group of like-minded women and an exercise class that focused a lot on lifting weights and building strength. 

What is your favorite SHEFIT bra, and why?
Hard question, I workout in the Ultimate (Sandstorm is my fav color), but I live in the Flex right now while breastfeeding. There is no other bra that can adjust with me through the day as my boobs become more and less full of milk.

How is SHEFIT different from other sports bras?
Extremely! I don't say this just because I work here. I wore two sports bras my entire life. I was a three-sport athlete while growing up and worked out 5-7 days a week before children. Now I also workout and breastfeed. I have tried everything. There is no other bra that has offered me the support and flexibility that SHEFIT has. My boobs are HEAVY when full. I wear a Luxe in SHEFIT and can't even tell you my actual bra size, something like 32DDD. But I can run, jump, bike, walk, swim, and relax all in one bra. There is nothing else out there like this. Not to mention putting it on and off is a breeze!

What are the three ways you can find your fit?
You can contact our support team via phone, email, or Live Chat, use a tape measure and our Size Chart, schedule a Video Fitting, or take our Fit Quiz on our website.

What's the most FAQ you get?
What is my size, and what type of SHEFIT do I need? 

What has been your most impactful experience as a SHEFIT Fit Expert?
I met a woman (virtually) who had a double mastectomy. She had many SHEFIT bras before her surgery and bout with cancer but gave them all away right before her surgery. After her surgery, she decided to become a marathon runner at the age of 60! She then contacted us for a size recommendation, and I handled her ticket. Although she didn't get reconstruction and didn't have any breast tissue, she still needed support for her skin and new boob shape. She was so inspiring and funny. She taught me a lot about positivity, humility, and how we can help other women in the same situation.