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Charlie, owner and writer, of Gin Fulled Bluestocking first gave the Ultimate Sports Bra a try and now she's back to report on the Real Support Seamless. Looking for support as a 38D, she needed a bra to get her though her inversion yoga moves with comfort and style.

Last year I found a sports bra game-changing sports bra via Boobydoo – the Shefit Ultimate Sports Bra. As a runner and someone who loves a spin class, who is not lacking in the boob department, I was struggling a bit. Bras were either too big or too small, and not supportive enough. The Shefit is full adjustable, secure, front fastening (the sweaty sports bra struggle is real), and once it’s on those puppies are going nowhere!

But it was a little too much for my yoga sessions. There I need support, but flexibility too. I need to be able to stretch without interruption – and whilst the sports bra is massively supportive, it comes at the price of flexibility. So when Shefit offered to send me their Seamless bra, as an alternative, I was more than happy to try it. 

The bra is made from a soft stretchy jersey – ribbed around the base, flat back and, as with their other bras, a good secure front zip. Not only is the zip secured with a magnetic locking head, it also has a single hook and eye to make sure there is no chance of it randomly popping open, and a cover so that there’s no chance of it rubbing sensitive skin either. It also has pads inside the cups. These are thin and more for support than extra help in the size department. They are, however, completely removable, so if you don’t need that extra support, feel free to remove them. 

It’s available in a range of colours – black and grey, nude, a pale peach and this soft pink marl, so you can also make sure it matches your outfits.

Of course, proof is in the pudding, so I’ve been taking it to yoga and tried it out in the gym for a few lifting sessions, just to see how well it compares to the basic bras I normally use for those sorts of sessions. As you’ll understand the majority of my lifting is relatively static, so there’s not too much bouncing around, though it often involves me lying on the floor/bench/bent over at different angles. 

The yoga I do is based around vinyasa flows – so again, not lots of bouncing around, but inversions (lots of time upside down), gentle movement, and shifting positions for stretches and holds.

So firstly, it goes really well with my leggings and my mat. I mean that’s important obviously. But more importantly, it’s soft, so there is no restriction, nothing cuts in or aggravates or pulls against you as you move. It’s still supportive, so I’m not worried about exposure whilst I’m upside down either – aside from anything else, I don’t need my boobs obscuring my view at that kind of angle. 

Also because it’s so soft, the straps don’t dig in, the band doesn’t cut in either – on their sports bra, this is because it’s so firm and firmly strapped to you, with this bra, it’s because it’s so gentle. In fact it’s so soft, and having lay down in it for a number of meditation sessions after the flow, I reckon you could comfortably sleep in it. Maybe I should test that out?

From a size perspective, because it’s got that four way stretch, I’d actually consider sizing down. The Shefit sizing is a little different anyway (you can read more about that here), and on the sports bras there are adjustable straps, on this one, there isn’t any adjustment. I wear a 1Luxe in the sports bra (38D), and when I order a new one of these, will probably try a ‘Luxe’ size for a slightly closer fit. 

That said, I’m not going to stop wearing this one. It washes and dries quickly, its comfy, and it does exactly what I need it to do. Now I just need to decide which colour I go for next.

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