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Stefanie is such an inspiring woman in the SHEFIT Sisterhood. She started at 264 lbs and lost 119 lbs! After that magnificent feat, she became pregnant with her son. Her body weight shifted back up to 211 lbs. Frustrated with the weight gain and dealing with post-postpartum depression, Stefanie found herself facing a difficult path. Deciding to take her life back into her own hands, she decided to get back into fitness. With that first step, it was time to shop for a new sports bra.

After giving birth to her wonderful son, Noah, she struggled with finding a sports bra that met all her needs. As a woman’s body changes dramatically, many find themselves trying to find the one-bra-fix-all. She was going to stores and trying on different bras, none of which could help support her. Stefanie felt defeated before she even started. “I cried. I bawled,” she poured out in her Youtube video. The loose skin and milk from motherhood had changed her body so much and she was experiencing a lot of pain. That is until her friend finally suggested SHEFIT. It’s time to invest in a quality bra, she decided.

In her video, Stefanie proudly shows off her Ultimate  and describes the design of Zip, Cinch, Lift. She explains the benefits of wearing the bra for herself and shows off it’s ability to be worn X-back or H-back. For Stefanie, the bra has been life-changing. “When I’m running I feel free so I can go further. I don’t have to stop and adjust.” For more tips of working out after having a child, check out our write up with 9 Easy Tips here.  

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