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Looking back on her childhood, Janelle wished for more time with her mother. When her parents divorced in sixth grade, she became close with her father, and even today feels guilt over the many wasted years when her mother was alive. 

When Janelle was eight months pregnant, her mom was diagnosed with Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer. Both Janelle and her mother were discovered to have a BRCA1 gene mutation, making them 85% more likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer. After witnessing first-hand what battling this disease can do to a person, Janelle decided to be proactive about her future. She thought about her mom and how fearless she was in the midst of treatment and wanted to take preventative measures to give herself the chance her mom didn’t. After getting surgery, the doctors gave her a bra that was only to be worn for a few days following the procedure; then, was left on her own to find a bra. She tried hundreds of bras that didn’t even come close to what she needed. What she needed was Comfort. Support. Customization.  When Janelle’s plastic surgeon recommended her SHEFIT, she tried it on and never took it off.

 “It was life-changing for me.” - Janelle

Not only does she have incredible support from her spouse, family, and friends, but also the SHEFIT Sisterhood. This support system helps Janelle battle the disease that took her mother by taking her future into her OWN hands.

 Watch Janelle's Sisterhood Story below: