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There comes the point where enough is enough, and once Shandra got there, she wasn’t going back.

Growing up, it was just Shandra and her mom since father wasn’t in the picture. Then things flipped upside down around age four when her mother got married. For the next ten years of her life, Shandra was both emotionally and verbally abused by her stepdad. 

“Every day it was: ‘you’re not good enough’ ‘you’re ugly’ ‘you’re fat’ or ‘you’re stupid.’ To live in fear and to feel like you’re not good enough is a really hard thing to go through, especially as a kid.” - Shandra

After being raised in such a strict environment that once she got out, Shandra rebelled in any way possible. Being out from under her stepdad’s control, she began to form unhealthy habits like eating without exercising and going out too often. 

“Things occurred that were so embarrassing I couldn’t even handle it, like being taken off a rollercoaster because they couldn’t close the latch and someone screaming that my friends were pretty and I was fat. After that, I could not emotionally or physically gain one more pound.” - Shandra

As Shandra and her husband began planning children into their future, she knew that she couldn’t go into that endeavor with these bad habits. Well, they do say it takes 21-days to form a habit, so she chose the gym. 

“My knees hurt, my lungs hurt, my legs hurt, my hips hurt, but after that 21 days, I knew I wasn’t going to stop.” - Shandra

Eight years later and 100+ pounds down, Shandra’s 21-day plan WORKED.

Her advice? Cut the crap and take the first step.

Watch Shandra's Sisterhood Story below: