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Jeanette is a wife, mother, former fitness competitor and a SHEFIT Sister. This is her Sisterhood Story



After having her oldest daughter, Jeanette struggled with confidence post-partum. She was determined to live a healthier lifestyle so she could be active with her children and feel confident in her own skin. 

While at the gym, a trainer approached her and suggested that she look into fitness competitions. Jeanette had never lifted weights and did not think competitions would be for her, however, after discussing it with her husband, she decided to try it.

“If I had to describe Jeanette in one word it would be relentless. She loves hard, plays hard and works hard.” Jason Mayrand. This challenge was no exception and Jeanette dove in head first. 

Jeanette struggled with perfection saying that, “even at my best level of fitness and lowest weight, I never, ever felt perfect.” In order to reach the end goal, and compete on stage, many sacrifices were made. Saying no to social gatherings and turning down treats made it difficult to feel fulfilled. Standing on stage next to other women who were also in peak physical condition made it hard for Jeanette to not make comparisons.

A family trip to a local apple orchid was the last straw. After turning down a donut from her daughter, Jeanette realized it was time for a change. She decided to live a healthy lifestyle that was allowed her the freedom to live outside the rules. Eight years later, Jeanette has now restored her metabolism and rebuilt her life around sustainable values and feeling okay with herself.