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Bright sun. Fresh air. Changing Scenery. There's a lot to be said about being outdoors.

SHEFIT celebrates Earth Day on April 22 by encouraging its followers to take their workouts outside and reap the benefits nature offers.

"Research shows that taking your exercise outside will burn 10 percent more calories than if you were doing the same workout indoors," says Marissa Moore, SHEFIT's Wellness Expert.

You move faster and push yourself harder outdoors. You work out longer when you're distracted by an environment that's constantly changing.

"When you are outside, there's tons to look at," Moore explains. "You can get lost in your workout. You don't think how hard your workout is."

And by simply being outside, your body changes. The sun gives you Vitamin D, which helps with immune health, muscle function, brain cell activity and bone strength. Stress markers, like cortisol, decrease.

"Nature decreases your stress level," Moore says, "It calms you and relaxes you. It has restorative properties." She adds: "The sun and fresh air alone will give you those benefits. When you add that on top of moving your body, your benefits increase."

You don't even have to take your whole workout outside. Start small by taking elements of your routine outside like:

  • Taking a quick walk to warm up;
  • Cooling down and stretching;
  • Portable items like free weights or yoga mats, which are perfect for a park workout; and
  • Using a park bench and your body weight for circuit training.

"Executing even small bits of your workout outside, even for a few minutes, will bring benefits," Moore says. "Change up what you're doing. One day, go for a walk to warm up and the next day, go to your local park and use the bench for a workout. There aren't any limits when you go outdoors."

She adds: "It will improve your mood, push you to work harder, you'll recover from the workout faster and you'll enjoy the endorphins."

And's it a win-win for Earth as well. Exercising outside without using electricity reduces your carbon footprint.

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