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Reposted with permission from the official Baddle Pickleball

"The Perfect Match Giveaway”
SHEFIT x Baddle

Bet you didn’t know that Baddle and SHEFIT have something in common. We both believe in inclusivity when it comes to sports and exercise.

If you aren’t familiar with SHEFIT, and you should be, it’s a women’s athletic apparel brand regarded for its high-performance sports bras that are designed for every body type and exercise level.

We have a similar belief at Baddle when it comes to the game of pickleball. No matter your age or skill level, pickleball is a game for everyone.

It’s a perfect match! That’s why we’re so excited to announce we’re teaming up with SHEFIT to bring you our BIGGEST GIVEAWAY YET!



Founded by Sara Moylan, SHEFIT began completely by accident. Sara was simply looking to solve her own problem of finding the right sports bra that didn’t restrict her from doing the physical activities she enjoyed. She explains,

“I started Shefit all because of a problem. I figured out a solution to my own problem. I was struggling. I am an everyday woman who is a busy, working mother just trying to stay in shape and get to work. Without the support I needed,, I was being held back from reaching my own physical goals. Once I figured out a solution, I realized I could help other women not suffer the same way I did.” 

When it comes to the name, Sara told us, it came to her in a dream, “as cliché as it sounds.” She immediately knew what the name would be. She remembers telling her husband Bob, “It’s SHEFIT. It’s 100% SHEFIT.” She went on to say “It was just the empowerment I felt, and the fit and bringing it together for SHEFIT that just clicked. It couldn't be anything but SHEFIT.”

It’s this commitment to empowering women, to regain control of their bodies and in return gain control of their narrative and life, that sets SHEFIT apart from other sports bra brands.

Empowering Women

SHEFIT demonstrates this commitment through their offering of apparel that expands into sizes far beyond the industry models. SHEFIT is proud to provide comfortable gear, no matter your size, shape, physical capability, or age.

SHEFIT is a great story and great solution to a common problem for women. And when COVID started, and subsequently there was an increase in people working out at home, that’s when the SHEFIT brand really accelerated! We can relate, our Baddle start-up story is not so dissimilar.


SHEFIT x Baddle

Pickleball is the fastest-growing sport in America and SHEFIT believes in this partnership. “Pickleball is a sport for everyone and this partnership is the perfect opportunity to showcase how perfect our products are for the sport. We see pickleball as an activity that brings people together to be active at any level of fitness. That is something we really believe in,” Sara said.

 “Just like how your (Baddle) goal is to put the perfect paddle in everyone's hands, ours is to make sure every woman and girl has the support they need to feel strong, beautiful, and confident during any activity. Together, we can both support and share our similar messaging.”

We couldn’t agree more! 

SHEFIT x Baddle Perfect Match Giveaway Details:

Enter for a chance to win:

  • (1) SHEFIT Sports Bra & Leggings, your choice of colors
  • (2) Baddle Limited Collection paddles of your choice
  • (3) Pink glow-in-the-dark pickleballs

Two winners will be announced!

Two Winners

Click the contest link to sign up for your chance to win these amazing items

Contest Rules:

  • Must sign up for the contest via link in bio (Email + SMS)
  • Follow both @baddlepickleball and @shefit instagram accounts
  • Like one of the 4 giveaway posts
  • Contest runs for 1 Week (Tues. March 7th 12:00pm – Mon., March 13th 11:59 pm