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Beach body season? No problem! It’s never too late to whip your body into shape. Let’s chat about those arms, ladies. All you need to master this routine byKarrah Peden Trammell, fitness enthusiast and Shefit Brand Ambassador, is a set of dumbbells to work your upper body in only 25 minutes! 

Ready to flex? Review the instructions below to get the best results. 

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5 Minute EMOM (every minute on the minute) workout: at the start of each minute do 10 reps of each exercise, then rest until the start of the next minute. There are 4 exercises and rest up the final minute for the next round. There are 5 rounds of the 5 minute EMOM workout. Use an appropriately weighted pair of dumbbells for your strength but challenge yourself! 


Use a dumbbell in each hand. Start with them to your side, palms facing forward. Make sure you’re standing straight up with your feet shoulder width apart. Without moving your back, curl up both dumbbells at the same time and control them on the way down.  

Lateral Raises

Use a dumbbell in each hand, holding them down by your side with your palms facing your body. Pin your shoulders down and back. Raise your arms away from your body until they’re parallel with your shoulders. Control when coming down and don’t let them slam on the side of your body. Keep you arms moderately straight to get the best workout for your shoulders. 


Place your feet shoulder width apart and bend your torso 45 degrees forward (you can slightly bend your knees for balance). Hold the dumbbells in front of your legs with your palms facing your body. Keep your spine straight at a 45 degree angle and row your arms up on both sides of your body. The dumbbells should be parallel with your body and your elbows can extend behind your back. Squeeze into your back at the top of the row to really activate your muscles. Lower the dumbbells in front of your legs to complete one rep. 

Hammer Curls 

End the round with another set of curls! For these curls, place the dumbbells at your side with your palms facing your body. Standing straight up, curl them up to your shoulder while holding them as you would a hammer. Lower them down to your side with control. Try not to move your torso when curling in order to let your arms do all the heavy lifting.


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