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Ladies, it's all about the booty burn today. Sculpting a better behind isn't just about aesthetics. A strong back-end is key to improving speed, power, and overall performance in the gym. This weeks leg and glute exercises can both slim your legs AND grow your booty.  Here are 4 superset exercises to tone, shape, and sculpt the lower body. For best results, do your first exercise and immediately after do the paired exercise (no time for breaks 😉). Repeat 3 rounds of all supersets, OR 4 rounds if you really want a booty burner. This is sure to leave you sore! 

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Superset 1

10 Hip Thrusts

You will need a bench and a barbell for this exercise. Sit on the ground on the side of the bench. Put the barbell over your legs and onto your hips (feel free to use some padding between the bar and your hips as padding). With your feet firmly on the floor, extend your hips into the air and squeeze your butt. Lower your hips while controlling the weight going down.

20 Calf Raises

Hold on to a pair of dumbbells, and stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Raise up on your toes, and lower yourself down under control. Raise the weight to make it more challenging if necessary.


Superset 2

10 Deadlifts (5 Sumo Deadlifts and 5 RDL)

Place a barbell in front of you, and set your feet a bit outside shoulder-width. Grab the bar in a spot where it will keep your elbows inside of your knees. For the first 5 reps, do a sumo deadlift. You will squat down while keeping your shoulders back and spine straight. Touch the weight on the ground and come back up. For the next 5 reps, you will do an RDL. Slightly bend your knees while keeping your shoulders back and spine straight. Now, bend over from the hips until the bar is just above your ankles then come back up.

10 Side Leg Press

Sit sideways on a leg press machine with your top leg on the platform. Make sure your toe is pointed out and hips adjusted back. You want your knee stays behind your toes during the movement. Press through your heels to fully extend your leg, and then control the weight when you bring it back. Flip sides after 10 reps and do 10 more with the other leg to complete the set.


Superset 3

10 Walking Lunges

Find a long stretch of space with no obstacles in the way. Get a straight barbell and put it on your back. Lunge forward with one leg, and let your back leg drop down until it is just above the floor. Step through with your back leg and do the same movement with your other leg. Keep your spine straight and your weight balanced between both legs. Engage your core so you do not bend to one side or the other. Do 10 lunges on each leg to complete the set. 

10 Good Mornings

With the straight barbell still on your back, widen your feet to just outside shoulder-width. Bend down from the hips while also pushing your hips back. Lower until your back parallel to the ground. Push through your heels to come back up to standing. Keep your back straight throughout the whole movement.


Superset 4

10 Split Squats

With a straight barbell on your back, stand on the side of a bench facing away. Put one of your feet back on top of the bench. Make sure your front foot is far enough forward so your knee doesn’t pass over your toes. Bend your front knee until your leg is parallel to the floor. Stand back up until your front leg is fully extended. Keep your foot, knee, and hip in a straight line and your spine straight as well. Do 10 reps and then switch legs to do 10 more to complete the set. 

10 Back Extensions

Use a 45-degree hyperextension machine (or back extension machine of your choice) for this exercise. Set your feet on the platform, and grab a plate from in front of you. Hug the plate to your chest with both arms and then lower your torso to the floor. Once you are at the bottom, pull yourself back up using your glutes. Curve your shoulders to feel it in your glutes. Engage your abs to ensure that you are not arching your back.


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