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Pair up with your Tone Mate!

This sweat session is designed to do with a partner or virtual gym buddy. But don't worry! It's entirely doable for all the tone rangers out there. Simply modify by using a wall or invisible friend and complete each exercise within the circuits! After every move, rest for 10 seconds, and after each circuit, rest for 60 seconds and repeat for a full-body workout!



Circuit 1:
Athlete 1 - Box Walk Down W/ Shoulder Tap
Athlete 2 - Tricep Dips
Together - Plank Walk Down W/ Cross Dap
Together - Sit-Ups W/ Double Dap
Circuit 2:
Athlete 1 - Wide Out
Athlete 2 - Alternating Row
Together - Medball Pass
Together - Leg Throws
Circuit 3:
Athlete 1 - Climb Push
Athlete 2 - Alternating Box Step-Up
Athlete 1 - Reverse Curtsy Lunge
Athlete 2 - Alternating Reverse Lunge
Athlete 1 - Heavy Pants
Athlete 2 - Squat W/ Overhead Press



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