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Over a decade ago, Parks and Recreation aired an episode that completely changed the trajectory of February 13th for millions of women every year. We're of course referring to Galentine's Day, that special day to celebrate and shower your friends with love.

Romantic love gets all the attention; from Valentine's Day to anniversaries, you'd think that love is confined to romance.

But you know better; love comes in many forms, and the non-romantic kind of love is just as important. It's the kind of love we have for our best friends and the sisters we choose.

Among them, few are more important than your gym wife - your dedicated swolemate that cheers you on and helps you get through every second of your workout. She's special and deserves to be part of your Galentine's Day celebration more than anyone.

So this Galentine's Day, show her just how important she is and celebrate your common bond with the perfect fitness-themed gift. Not sure what to get her exactly?

Not to worry, you'll have 7 Galentine's Day gift ideas to pick from by the time you finish reading.

7 Galentine's Day Gifts for Your Workout Bestie

1. SHEFIT - Ultimate Sports Bra: $75

Is there any better way to support your girl by helping her support her girls? We don't think so. For the ultimate Galentine's Day gift, look no further than the SHEFIT Ultimate Sports Bra. Whether she's looking to conquer the gym or do daily activities without any extra *bounce*, the SHEFIT Ultimate Sports Bra has her covered!

This front-close, adjustable sports bra is hands down the best-fitting sports bra she'll ever wear. That's because the Ultimate Sports Bra is fully adjustable and designed to fit any shape or size - this means whether she's been blessed with large breasts or otherwise, she'll find the comfort and support she needs from her sports bra.

We could go on and on about the accolades of the Ultimate Sports Bra, but what can we say outside of what the nearly 40,000 5-star reviews have said? Be the ultimate giver this Galentine's Day and support your girl with the best-supporting sports bra money can buy.


2. Moleskine - Wellness Journal: $29

You and your Galentine hit the gym to stay fit, relieve stress, and improve your overall health. But what if you could take your workout routine to the next level by tracking your progress and setting goals? WithMoleskine's Wellness Journal, you'll be able to gift an all-around health and wellness gift that she'll love inside and outside of the gym.

This handy journal lets you track your fitness journey, from workout routines and meal plans to progress photos and weight loss/gain goals. But it also extends to other corners of your life that contribute to feeling healthy - such as tracking general habits including sleep.

Recording this information is great for finding patterns to develop stress-relieving techniques or even better time management practices.

If she's a go-getter who's always looking to take things to the next level, then this is the perfect gift, because getting the most out of it requires a bit of effort. This starts by setting realistic goals and journaling daily. If she can do that, then she'll find it super rewarding to review her progress weeks or months later.

The cover looks and feels like leather, and the size of this Moleskine journal is small enough to toss into a gym bag, tote bag, or purse. So extra points for cuteness and portability.


3. Away - The Packable Carryall: $75

Speaking of bags,Away's Packable Carryall is a perfect Galentine's Day gift if she's the kind of girl that runs through gym bags like others go through shoes. Aside from being the cutest gym bag around, there are a few reasons she'll love this carryall.

First, it can handle even the sweatiest trips to the gym. Made with recycled and water-resistant materials, a little sweat isn't going to leave its mark on this bag. Plus, it can hold everything she'll need for the gym or office with its many compartments and small storage zippers - from earbuds to chargers and sunglasses, there's a nice place to store everything outside of just her gym clothes.

There are few things worse than a bag that fills a room and weighs more than the clothes you put in it, and that's where this carryall shines. It's made of nylon, which is super lightweight and strong, but the best part is that the bag can fold completely into itself, so she can stow it in a little zip pouch when not in use.


4. HydroJug - Pro Jug: $22

If HydroJug isn't on your radar, consider this a public service announcement as well as one of the best gifts to get your Galentine. Believe it or not, but you should drink 7-10 ounces of water every 10-20 minutes you work out.

If that sounds like a lot of water, that's because it is. And if it sounds like you and your Galentine aren't drinking enough water, that's probably because you aren't.

If only there was a cute, perfectly ergonomic, portable, and half-gallon solution to this problem... Well, there is. The HydroJug Pro Jug is just that.

Your girl will be able to carry more than enough water to get through leg day, but she won't need both hands to carry this jug around - its soft-touch finish will help her grip it better, plus it has a built-in handle that's designed to be held with one hand.

She won't have to worry about lugging a gallon of water around the gym like a kettlebell. It's full of superlatives that we won't go into here, but we'll leave you with this - it comes in a ton of different colors and models, but we're partial to pink.


5. Swolverine - Multivitamin: $20

Few things pair better with the word swolemate than a brand named Swolverine, so we are nearly obligated to drop them in this Galentine's Day gift guide. Joking aside, you and she both know the importance of diet and exercise in overall wellness, and you can't get there without proper vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

And if she's confessed soreness after a workout, or dragging through a circuit with you, then do yourself a favor and help her solve the problem with the right supplements.Swolverine has a wide variety of nutritional products, so if you have something in mind, you'll easily be able to find it on their site. But if you're looking for a general gift, you can't go wrong with Swolverine's multivitamins.

After all, you need her to maintain a healthy immune system so she doesn't skip any of your workouts. We won't bore you with the long list of every vitamin and mineral in each supplement, but just know that Swolverine's mix is made for peak performance and engineered so she gets all the nutritional elements needed to keep up with you.


6. Bala - Bangles: $65

Have you ever heard her talk about your workouts being too easy? Or maybe she's trying to lose weight and feels like she's hit a plateau. If either scenario has played out in front of you, then it sounds like she needs to switch things up.

Sure, you could both try some different moves or workouts, but one thing she could consider is adding some safe weight to your existing routine.Meet Bala Bangles.

These aren't your parents' ankle weights - quite the contrary. The Bala Bangles are aesthetically pleasing weights that are used widely for rehab, core training, home workouts, Pilates, and many other workouts to add an extra challenge.

They are super comfortable and that's thanks to their elastic makeup, which makes it easy to wrap the Bala Bangles around each ankle or wrist. They Velcro snugly, to the point where they won't move when you're wearing them, but also won't restrict your bloodflow.

They come in a simple mesh carrying case that matches the color of the weights you purchase - again, we love the Blush colorway.


7. Theragun - Mini: $179

Let's be real — seeing a professional masseuse just isn't feasible for most people after every single workout. So help a girl out and cut the middleman out by getting her a Theragun Mini this Galentine's Day.

If she wasn't one of the millions of women to get this little beauty for Christmas this year, then she's missing out, but not for long thanks to you.

The Theragun Mini is a portable massage gun that she'll be able to use on herself after every workout, or just to treat herself to the feeling of a great massage.

It comes with three attachments - it's quite remarkable what just three attachments can do - and each has a specific purpose for helping her soothe any aching muscles.

Our favorite part is how quiet it is. Massage guns have always been deafening and bulky, but this little machine is neither. It also comes with a carrying bag, which is a nice touch, but this specific model is small enough to fit in any bag she owns.


Honorable Mention - SHEFIT Boss Leggings - $68

We know, we know... SHEFIT made the list twice here, but we couldn't create a Galentine's list without talking about Boss Leggings. They're simply too perfect for the occasion. So let's quickly talk about the high points. First, they're ridiculously comfortable. Like comfort to the point, you want to wear them all day.

But just because you could sleep in them doesn't mean you should sleep on how strong they are. These leggings were built to handle anything you can throw at them in the gym - that's why they're squat-proof.

And aside from a bra that rolls, there's nothing quite as uncomfortable as a pair of leggings that roll down in the middle of a shoulder press. That's why we built the Boss Leggings with a high-rise waistband. When you hand her Boss Leggings, you can tell your girl to say goodbye to those mid-exhale midriff reveals.

So go on and show her she's boss this Galentine's Day.


Ready to Give the Best Galentine's Day Gift?

Putting love and thought into a Galentine's Day gift is a perfect way to make the holiday special. She's gone to battle with you at the gym, so getting your gal pal anything short of exceptional this Galentine's Day just won't cut.

Sure, you could go the path of every other Galentine's Day - have a wine night together, or spa night, pull out essential oils and relax, but your female friendship and bond are stronger than that. Save girls night-in and wine nights for any other time of the year.

This year, take it up a notch with any of the 7 gifts that speak to your workout bond.

If you love any of these gifts for your gym-going life, odds are great she will too.So celebrate your best friend this Galentine's Day with a thoughtful gift that celebrates what you two love to do together - sweating it out!