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person jumping rope on outdoor basketball court

If your jump roping days ended in middle school due to the embarrassing bounce and pain that came with it, think again. The Shefit Ultimate Sports Bra (get yours here) ensures no bounce, for a pain-free, all beast workout. 

High Intensity Jump Rope Workout

Jump rope workouts are not only a serious calorie-burner, but they can help with overall tone up. If jump roping is a recess playtime activity, grab a rope and jump for three minutes with no variation, it's no joke. Studies show that jumping rope can burn 10 calories per minute. Try the below workout from Tim Haft of Punk Rope, and you'll reach the same benefits as jogging for over 30 minutes.

First, be sure to remember these seven jump rope rules:

1. Keep your elbows close to your ribs.
2. Don’t choke up on the handles.
3. Allow your ankles, knees, and hips to flex when you land.
4. Keep your jumps low.
5. Hold your hands waist-high.
6. Turn the rope mainly by rotating your wrist.
7. Turn the rope first, jump second.

The 15-minute Jump Rope Workout:

  • 50 Basic Jump Ropes - just like your childhood days
  • 50 Scissor Jumps - Jump over the rope and land with you left foot forward and your right foot back. Your feet should be about 8" to 12" apart. Jump over the rope again and reverse your feet before landing.
  • 50 Ski Jumps - Act as though there is a line under your feet. With each jump, land on the opposite side of the line while keeping hips centered.
  • 50 Heel Taps - Each rotation, land with one foot down and the other slightly out in front. The reaching foot should have the heel planted and toes towards the air.

Rest for 30 seconds after 200 jumps, then repeat until you hit 15 minutes.

Take the intensity down with the Shefit Ultimate Sports Bra

Don't forget to cool down and stretch out muscles at the end! To spare your breasts and back, conquer this quick workout with the Shefit Ultimate Sports Bra. Lock and Rock your work out for maximum results.