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taking care of yourself lightens your load

Each and every day, many of us carry the weight of our family, our work, and our daily responsibilities on our shoulders. From the moment we wake up, we worry about what’s for dinner, if our children are getting their homework done or worse: being bullied at school, or how we are going to get ourselves to the gym before yet another day comes to an end. Then we go to bed, wake up, and do it all over again.

Then The Holidays Hit

On top of the normal day to day, during this season we can all feel the added stress of everything holiday-related. As these new responsibilities take the front burner, we often put ourselves on simmer and tell ourselves that we can wait until everything - and everyone - else is taken care of. We, simply, do not prioritize taking care of ourselves. This holiday season the challenge is to add yourself to your To-Do list. Many of us keep putting our own needs off, waiting until January 1st and jumping on the resolution band wagon. But, what would happen if we added taking care of ourselves to our To-Do list today, and gave ourselves the time we needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle? Whether stealing a few moments of silence before starting your morning routine, enjoying a brisk walk at lunch, or hitting the gym for quick workout, these moments of taking care of yourself are just as important as maintaining your tasks and responsibilities.

Keeping the Scales of Life Balanced

weight scale

So what are you going to add to your To-Do list today? Are you going to do things that will contribute to your overall health? How can you focus on taking care of yourself? Don’t let your life’s scale fall out of balance. Choose health, and choose yourself. Whatever you decide, every day, Shefit will be there to support you.