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The sound of the alarm abruptly wakes her, she is tempted to push snooze ... maybe just once. Instead, she opens her eyes and tells herself, “You can do this. You are amazing. A year from now you will not regret the decision you make today.” She climbs out of bed and puts on her sports bra, her shorts, and a tank top; then throws an old varsity basketball sweatshirt on over it all. She grabs her shoes and heads downstairs. She is fearless. Over the last 12 months, she has been committed to training and facing the “hard things” in life head on. After her divorce she realized she needed to start living for herself and stop pleasing the people around her, so today she grabs her keys, her water, and a protein shake and heads out the door.


Choose to Get Moving, Every Day

Every morning starts the same, before she makes any other decision, she decides to put on her sports bra and get moving. She has realized her morning workout sets the tone for her day and allows her to cast negative thoughts out of her mind and focus on what matters. She's found a new understanding of health, and, finally, realized that “health” is an all-encompassing term. It’s not just physical. It’s emotional. It's mental. It is loving your imperfect self, the way it is, and setting goals that allow you to become a better person with every choice you make, all day.

Woman jogging in the Shefit Ultimate Sports Bra

As she heads out the door and the cold air touches her face, she decides to jog down the sidewalk to her car. She turns the key and her radio starts to play, she plays the same CD on her way to the gym every day – it has become the music that gets her pumped. She's ready to kick ass. Every person is different, but she now finds these mornings exhilarating. The average person does not wake up before the sun to sweat, but she does. And she loves it. Today is the day, just like every day, that she chooses to be different. She chooses to do the little things, and she chooses to do the hard things. She chooses to get moving. And. She chooses to be more than average.

Choose to Get Moving, Today

How are you going to choose to get moving today? However you choose to move, Shefit is more than just a bra; Shefit supports you!