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As a fellow person with boobs, we all know there is a constant battle between the truth and myths about bras and sagging. Unfortunately, the truth is there is no fighting the inevitable gravity, and having the proper support tends to be vital for functioning in society. You may complain that the underwire digs into your ribs and the straps won’t stop falling down. As far as exercising, in the time it takes to strap down the girls (in a traditional sports bra) you could have already run a mile. With all of this effort and annoyance, what’s the point?

Here are five reasons why your boobs and body will thank you for the support

Weight on your shoulders
A pair of size D breasts weigh anywhere from 15 to 23 pounds. It’s like having a small child forever strapped to your chest. They’re being held up solely by the thin straps on your shoulders that you are constantly adjusting. The right straps can work wonders. The thinner the strap, the more strain you will noticeably put on your shoulders and body.

Bras have your back
Especially for our friends in the large breast department, wearing no bra causes tension on the back, hunched shoulders, poor posture, and some more sagging.

Bouncing = even MORE bouncing
When running, jumping, or dancing, you may notice that there is some or a considerable amount of movement with your breasts, maybe even some pain during or after. Remember, your boobs are literally sacks of fat and glandular tissue and the stress causes stretching of the skin and ligaments. Of course, this also leads to sagging since you’re losing elasticity of the skin thanks to gravity. You know what can prevent that? You got it, a great bra and proper support.

Let’s NOT get rough
Even when you’re not exercising, you’re probably sweating in the chest area. And if you’re wearing a bra at all, it’s likely you’re not just lying in bed. The right support prevents chafing and skin irritation between some of the most sensitive areas of the body and foreign fabrics.

They can’t do this alone
Your boobs aren’t made out of muscle and there is no magic device to get them to perk up on their own. This is where you come in. Finding the right support starts with fitting the right bra. Buying your new best friend isn’t always bad.

This isn’t boob and bra propaganda; this is a bible for improvement of life with comfort. Since you have to live with these things, you may as well take care of them as if they actually were a child strapped to your chest.