February 16, 2016 2 Comments

Our 15 minutes of fame started on ABC Television’s “Shark Tank.” Now, if you watched the episode that we were featured on, you know ... (SPOILER ALERT) ...we struck a deal with Daymond John. We are incredibly humbled and grateful for this experience, and our lives have been a whirlwind ever since the airing of that episode.

Our appearance on “Shark Tank” put the Shefit Ultimate Sports Bra in front of the whole nation – well, according to ratings, in front of 6.8 million people. With our bra now in the spotlight, it also brought attention to the reality of women’s daily struggle dealing with breast pain and breast movement while being active. Because of this, comfortability while exercising became the forefront of conversations on social media, friend-to-friend, woman-to-woman, and around the water cooler.

As you can imagine, the appearance on “Shark Tank” and the ensuing conversations about “the girls” gave Shefit more exposure than we could have ever hoped for. We are ecstatic with the outcome from the show, and we cannot wait to show women everywhere that living a healthy, active lifestyle doesn’t have to be painful.

When a company is invited to appear on “Shark Tank,” they are only given a couple weeks’ notice. Of course, every company hopes to have an amazing episode and get a deal, but no one knows just how the sharks, or the audience, will respond. We planned and prepared for those 14 days, and we were still completely overwhelmed by the sheer volume of orders that started pouring in as “Shark Tank” begun.

We knew there would be a higher demand of our product due to “The 'Shark Tank' Effect,” but we could have never predicted the voracity in which women would start ordering our bra. We are working endlessly to make sure that every order placed is filled, and aim to have each customer satisfied with their new sports bras as quickly as possible.

We are dedicated to delivering your customizable, high-quality sports bra to you as soon as possible and we are working with our new shark partner to help ensure that our manufacturing capacity is in line with the new demand. We are thankful for your understanding and patience during this exciting time. We at Shefit promise you it's worth the wait!

If at any time you may have questions, comments or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@shefit.com.

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pat davis
pat davis

February 23, 2016

I am a fan of Shark Tank and do understand your order fulfillment problems however you need to assure those who ordered that their credit cards will not be charged until you can fill their orders. You also should send a copy of their order they placed to confirm you have it. A note saying you are sorry is not too professional.

Good luck, I look forward to receiving my order and a response from you very soon.



February 20, 2016

Immediately paused my recording of Shark Tank after seeing “SheFit” and bought one. I’ve been searching for the “Holy Grail” of bras for the last 40 years… no joke. I’m willing to “forgive” any time delays, glitches or issues on design, material, manufacturing, cost, washing issues etc. because this product is Herculean, one-of-a-kind and cuts across all bras demographics, not just active sports women. Wish I could invest in this company because they are going to make millions… and this husband/wife team was beyond impressive… She could be the new Jillian Michaels and lead millions back to health…. Go SHEFIT!!!

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