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Raise your hand if you’ve found yourself in another workout trying to get your sports bra off after a sweaty gym session? Many women find themselves burning more calories as they end up stuck in old-style sports bras. The Daily Beast wrote about the all-too-relatable problem women face day to day. “In divisive times, it seems like women can agree on one thing: Sports bras leave much to be desired.”

In the ever-evolving world of sports technology, the sports bra has been basic for 44 years since it’s creation in 1975. Only recently have brands been trying new ways to adapt to women’s needs. According to The Daily Beast, “a 2015 survey in the Journal of Physical Activity and Health found that 17% of women avoided worked out all together because they couldn’t find a sports bra that fit, or they were embarrassed by breast bouncing.” Underwire or down-sizing have often been the solution for solid support but SHEFIT has been taking the industry by storm. Sara Moylan, SHEFIT founder and designer, was fed up with not being able to find something that worked for her so she invented one.

“I was bouncing all over the place, so I found myself walking away from workouts I knew I could do, but wasn’t enjoying,” Moylan explained. During one especially frustrating episode, Moylan asked her husband to cut her out of a sports bra because it was too hard to get off. “It was a pretty expensive bra, but I didn’t even care.”

Growing from an idea to Kickstarter and onto the hit TV show, Shark Tank, SHEFIT grew into a brand in the billion dollar sportswear industry. Woman have been dealing with falling into specific sizing for ages but SHEFIT set new standards to getting the right fit. With the trademark product The Ultimate Sports Bra women can finally build the bra to their body type. Fitting cups sizes A-I and an adjustable rib-cage band of 48 inches, the Ultimate Sports Bra is out to help women of all sizes. It’s never been a matter of being inclusive, Moylan has made it the standard to take on a broken industry that has set women up for failure.

On a mission to support, lift, and inspire women, SHEFIT wants to help women reach their goals. How many women have held back in their fitness goals or every day life because of their breasts? In a study conducted by Central Michigan University, it was concluded that SHEFIT reduced bounce by 33% when tested against leading brands such as Nike, Under Armor, and Moving Comfort. So if you’ve felt the struggle, it’s time to invest in yourself and get a quality bra. The time of doubling-up bras is over, ladies!