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Shefit Generation 3

Since we first introduced our Ultimate Sports Bra we've known it's pretty damn great. The Best. But now the best is even better. If you haven’t heard the news, we’ve revamped our sports bra and created the Shefit Ultimate Sports Bra, Generation 3.

The revamped "Gen3" sports bra features the following updates:

  • Feather-Weight Technology offers the most light-weight bra with superior support - while maintaining our patented adjustability for an Always Perfect Fit
  • Updated fit and increased coverage with a more accurate size chart to get each woman into her perfect fitting size on the first try
  • Additional sizes to accommodate busts up to 55”, now available in sizes XSmall - 6Luxe
  • Modified fabric for greater comfort, shape, and a smoother feel against the skin
  • Additional colors. Now available in black, white, turquoise and purple.

We’ve used an all-inclusive approach when brainstorming, designing, and manufacturing theShefit Ultimate Sports Bra Generation 3,” said Chris Koens, from ourShefitSupport Team. “We took into consideration the feedback we received from our customers, fit models, design team, and tech team. We tailored our brand new product to the specifications and requests of our devoted supporters, and I think they will be very pleased.”

The updates to theGen3 provide additional customization, adjustability, and comfort to provide an ‘Always Perfect Fit’ for you and your girls.

Our products have been known for helping women of all shapes and sizes, especially those who have struggled with uncomfortable bounce or back and shoulder strain. Our exclusive patented technology was designed to give women the ability to securely adjust both their bust band and shoulder straps for the most personalized and comfortable fit, with the level of support they choose.

In case you’re not totally convinced about how great the Gen3 is, here are a few testimonials from our devoted customers:

Ok. So you've been in a gym and seen the's real. We need all the support we can get...literally. The Shefit Apparelteam has done it again and rolled out a new edition of their fanfuckingtastic bra...they made several improvements to this batch of bras. I got a chance to wear one this A.M. in a spin class with jumps and a lot of cardio. This version is lighter, better wicking, not hot like the first version, wayyyyyyyyyy less bulky, the zipper you have always wanted on these bras with no fear of cutting loose - ladies you know what I mean, better fitting velcro areas with rounded edges, and cute colors - you can snag it in white now and a beautiful purply-pink color. Hit up their website and murder your fitness resolutions in style, confidence, and comfort. Thank you Shefit!”
- Adrienne Wallace

I just got in my Gen3 in 4Luxe and I love it!! Being a bigger girl in general, especially in the chest, I've never been able to jump around much without discomfort, and other bras I've tried either didn't support enough or had uncomfortable underwire. I just bounced all over my house with no pain at all!”
- Andrea Wadsworth Gaietto

The Shefit bra is amazing, you'll wear it once and never wear another bra!! The new bra is so much lighter and as always a great fit and no other sports bra has this support.
-Jennifer Lahaie


These modifications are coming just one year afterourco-owners, Sara Marie and Bob, pitched the Ultimate Sports Bra to the Sharks on ABC’s “Shark Tank” in January 2016.These improvements prove, once again, that we’re dedicated to providing our customers with the fit and support they need and expect.

To experience the perfect fit and ultimate support for yourself, buy your Ultimate Sports Bra Generation 3 today.