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Some companies claim to be the best, but we can PROVE it.

At SHEFIT, we take support seriously. We decided to put our Ultimate Sports Bra to the test, so that we could officially say that our bra is the best on the market.

In a third-party study put on by Central Michigan University, our bra outperformed current leading brands. Using CMU’s Motion Analysis Center, an experiment was performed to record motion of the subjects’ breasts while wearing one of 5 different sports bras, controlled by the same subjects wearing no bra at all. The subjects had varying cup sizes, ranging from AA-DD+. The results are pretty incredible.  

The SHEFIT Ultimate Sports Bra was proven to reduce bounce while performing the following: high knees, jumping jacks, running, and walking. Overall, SHEFIT reduced bounce 33% more effectively than leading brands. 

What is the benefit of radical support? Having proper support can help reduce breast pain, protect your breast tissue from damage, and improve posture. Breast pain or discomfort can be caused by the stress that movement puts on the ligaments, muscles, and other tissues within your breasts. Having proper support that reduces or eliminates bounce can protect your body from this damage and discomfort. 

It is no secret that other companies have used scientific testing to measure their bra. SHEFIT took those tests to the next level. Most brands test their sports bra by measuring their bra against the control (no bra), but do not test against other leading brands. This is what made SHEFIT’s test unique. To read the full study click HERE.

Are you dying to know exactly who we went head-to-head with? Adidas®, Brooks® Moving Comfort, MOVE Performance Apparel, Nike®, and Under Armour® fell short.  Join the SHEFIT sisterhood where support is our business, and confidence is our mission.  Let us get you one mile further, one more rep, one more round.  What are you waiting for?