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Founded in July 2010, espnW has reached across television, films, events, digital, and social platforms. It’s a leader in providing a space for women’s sports features, stories, videos, and accomplishments. Their mission is “to serve women as fans and athletes by providing an engaging environment that offers total access to female athletes and the sports they play.”

It's no wonder we were SO flattered when they named ourFLEX as a "must have" piece of gear to help women reach their goals. The struggles of motivation vs. determination are real.  The last thing a woman needs to worry about is struggling with her breasts while playing a sport she loves. Women's gear in the athletic industry has come a long way, especially since the invention of the sports bra in 1977. Can we just point out - - that was only forty-two years ago? Now there are literally hundreds of choices to pick from and choosing the right one can seem overwhelming.  Therefore, when making the decision best for you, it is important to have trusted sources.

If you're looking for what espnW recommends, head here and get your SHEFIT Flex today!

“If you've struggled to find a bra that works for high-impact workouts, we have the one for you. Designed by a former collegiate athlete with the same frustration, this bra is super customizable -- and super supportive. It's a must-have for bigger bra sizes.”