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Spring Break is approaching, summer plans are beginning to develop and, heck, we're always looking for an excuse to travel in the winter! Find your perfect vacation with our top picks of retreats that will satisfy your body and mind.

Find the Swells in Hawaiian Surf

Hawaii has built a reputation as a mecca for surfers around the globe, and it’s well deserved. The history of surfing in Hawaii is rich and dates back to 4th Century A.D. The Polynesians conceptualized balancing on a board in the water, and the trend never lost its cool! Nowadays, the Islands offer a copious amount of surfing retreats tailored to individuals beginner to advanced. BONUS - did you know the Ultimate Sports Bra can double as a swim top?  Just remove the pads and voila! It’s time to jump on in because it’s never too late to channel your inner Alana Blanchard. There's a saying in the surf world that goes something like this, “The best surfer in the water is the one having the most fun!”

While having all that fun, you’ll hardly notice you will be getting a full-body workout at the same time. Paddling, standing, and balancing all require core strength paired with shoulder and back strength. According to, a 180-pound person surfing for 30-60 minutes can burn as many as 260 calories! And it’s no surprise you’ll find yourself more at peace when you’re one with the ocean. Mental health is important, too, and the sense of belonging within the surf community is real. Catching a few waves can bring out endorphins and greatly improve moods, anxiety, and PTSD.

Backpacking Iceland

Previously, we covered the topic of hiking and all the wonderful benefits that come with it.  Now we want to highlight how amazing it would be to experience that in Iceland. With three National Parks to choose from, not to mention mountains and roaring rivers, Iceland can transport you into a new world. If you're going to make a trip inspired by hiking, there may be no better place. 

"Iceland is not simply a destination, but a journey. A place traveled with nothing in mind except a pressing sense for adventure & exploration," explained Shalee, a travel blogger.

Hiking has many health benefits gained simply by challenging what nature has given us. Besides the incredible views and unique vantage points, hiking can boost creativity, improve mental health, and help you with weight loss and/or body strengthening. Can someone pass us our passport, please?

Explore Winter Wonderlands in Colorado

There are twenty-six resorts within The Rocky Mountain State and, with all those choices, you’ll be sure to find a mountain to your liking and skill level. Towns sit wedged between the mountains and offer glorious views of nature’s playground. You’ll find plenty of upscale restaurants, shops, and vibrant city life just steps away from the mountains. There are always options for bunny hills but the best part is stepping off the chairlift (or gondola!) into a winter wonderland. Be sure to check out an in-depth look at all of the resort opitions here and get ready to book your plane tickets!

Skiing and snowboarding provide so much fitness and you’ll hardly be able to tell when you’re having so much fun rushing down the hill. Dynamic sports require a lot of technique and muscle strength and you might be working those stabilizer muscles you can’t hit in the gym or that you didn't even know you had. An all day ride will require stamina to last, so find a balance to keep yourself hydrated and fueled with nutrition. Find the cardio-metabolic benefits on your next downhill adventure!

Theme Park Thrills

If extreme sports aren't your idea of a vacation but you still like thrills, don’t underestimate the benefits you’ll be getting by checking out a theme park! Parks are going to provide you with so many steps, your pedometer will be working overtime! At an average of 8 acres, there will be plenty of space to zig-zag your way for miles and miles. For just 30 minutes a day, your overall health will improve, so just imagine the results of a week-long vacation! Walking can increase cardiovascular fitness, strengthen your bones, reduce fat, and boost endurance.

Walking is low impact and requires minimal equipment, but you will want to be comfortable. A low impact support bra, like our Real Support Bra, will give you the ability to focus on the fun and not the pain of straps digging into your shoulders. So feel free to grab that extra churro or ice cream cone because the calories you'll be burning will balance it all out.

Find Zen in Costa Rica

If you’re itching to go somewhere far away and tropical, there may be no better place than friendly Costa Rica. Tourism is a huge industry in this beautiful rich land of beaches and rainforests. There are plenty of choices of retreats for all budgets, so you’ll find your personal needs met easily. Pair your yoga retreat with surfing, hike the rainforests, or visit a coffee plantation and find a new appreciation for your morning cup.

Improve your strength and overall well-being with yoga. A study from Duke University Medical Center found that yoga could greatly improve feelings of depression, schizophrenia, and other psychiatric conditions. Building your mental strength as well as physical muscle building has overall positive effects. Yoga can help provide better posture, increase blood flow, and improves balance. The benefits go on and on, plus it is low impact, which means the Real Support Bra will provide the coverage during a session. If you aren’t packing your bags quite yet, follow along with our Moment of Calm episodes to still get all the benefits from yoga.

Reach New Heights in Nevada

What? There’s more to Las Vegas than The Strip you say? Emphatically, yes, there’s so much to explore! You can bike, hike or climb out in stunning Red Rock! Located just 20 miles west of Las Vegas, it's a dream for climbers around the world to conquer the sandstone wonderland. Even if you are a beginner to the sport, chances are you will climb with intuition. As women, we move differently than men.  Instead of brute strength to pull ourselves up, women find balance and move with intention. They even have clinics that teach men how to climb like us! Don’t worry, we aren’t asking you to free solo like Alex Honnald anytime soon, there are plenty of options of climbing for all comfort levels.

The benefits of climbing involve whole body muscle groups. You’ll feel your biceps and quads engaged as well as your lower half. Research suggests that climbing involved variable movements compared to normal exercises and can be much more challenging but challenging to us means better results! You know what they say, “it’s about the journey, not the destination.” There is no greater feeling than pushing through a difficult climb and getting a view so few have the ability to enjoy.

If you can’t make the trip to sunny Nevada, be sure to check out the indoor climbing gyms in your area! You can still get all the health benefits indoors and prepare for your next big trip.


Tell us where you are headed next & what you use your SHEFIT for in the comments down below!