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3 easy ways to keep your eating habits in tip-top shape for the Holidays

In addition to our holiday season being filled with joy, love, and cheer, it is also bound to be filled with lots and lots of food. Are we right? With all of the work, family, and friend parties, it's sort of inevitable that gaining a few pounds during the season will happen. Nobody expects you to go to a holiday party and ignore the dessert table, but consider these helpful hints below to help you in making healthier choices this season!

1. Bring a Healthy Dish to Pass


    2. Skip the Dark Meat - Aim for White Meat
    A simple fix to eating healthier this holiday season is to pick white meat instead of dark meat. White meat is leaner and lower in fat and even cooks a little bit easier. Here are some yummy dishes that are easy to substitute white meat:

    3. Cut out all Alcohol... Kidding!
    You don’t want to cut out alcohol this holiday season? You don’t have to! How would you deal with your mother-in-law without it? All jokes aside, instead of skipping the alcohol, remember everything is okay in moderation! Here are some fun ideas on how to eliminate some of those extra calories: