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January 29, 2019 2 Comments


We love sharing SHEFIT reviews and today we are going to show you Carissa’s review of our Ultimate Sports Bra. On Carissa’s Youtube page, she is open and honest about her struggles of postpartum depression and her journey throughout motherhood. As a woman who measures at a 40JJ, she has found a lot of difficulty finding a bar that fits and works for her. “I usually have to go to a specialty store or spending $200 on a bra.” Deciding to avoid the doubling-up trick, Carissa turned to SHEFIT for support and containment.

Opening up, Carissa demonstrated how to put on the SHEFIT and how it fits her at a 40JJ. From the beginning, showing off the hook and design clips to help zip up the front. And remember ladies, scooping is important once you’re in! Next, you’ll want to cinch to adjust to your size in the rib cage. And onto the lift adjustment, “this is the fun part, this is where you get your lift.”

With a bounce test to prove it, Carissa gives her approval. “It’s got great lift and the straps have really soft materials and don’t dig into my back.” She tested it out in the gym for a few weeks hitting the elliptical, weights, cardio and it has been giving her the support she was searching for. Carissa even explained her washing routine and if you’re looking for laundry care tips for your SHEFIT, check out our previous blog on care.

“I struggled so so much with finding anything that fit properly.” We are so happy that not only SHEFIT has helped Carissa hit her goals and support her in the gym but also help alleviate the struggles she felt with other sports bras that would even cause her hands to go numb.

We suggest we only purchase from to be positive you are getting the official SHEFIT bra. 

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January 31, 2019

I love this video! Great demo, Carissa! Thank you!

Clarissa Velez (Lisa)
Clarissa Velez (Lisa)

January 31, 2019

Loved the review. I just got my SHEFIT bra today and wore it to the gym and loved it. Thank you for the demo that confirmed having 2 clasp is what they come with. I too ordered the 3LUXE and like that it is adjustable. I am going to return my Victoria Secrets “Knock out” bra and use the $ to order another “Shefit” bra. Thank you for the post.

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