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Take a Moment of Calm to recenter your day. Welcome to Episode one: Breathing Techniques



A Moment of Calm… sounds pretty great, right? It is also likely one of the first things we pass on in our fast paced, over-scheduled lives. Finding time, especially a moment of calm, can seem daunting or maybe even a little frivolous. Kids, jobs, maintaining healthy habits, keeping commitments to friends and family, I could go on…

Moment of Calm Breathing Techniques

But what if I told you finding little moments of calm throughout your day can actually help you get more done, be more efficient and feel more balanced? Crazy, right?

Be here now. Maybe one of the most popular Zen, albeit cliché, phrases of all time. When we take a moment to actually be present in what we are doing, when we can be present in our busy, that is where we find those tiny pockets of calm. That is when we are able to support ourselves better and become more effective human beings. 

Moment of Calm Breathing Techniques

How in the world can you find calm, peace and balance without taking a trip to a tropical island and forgetting about everything?

It’s simple. You learn to breathe on purpose. You create your calm, one minute at a time. 

Did you know that it is physiologically IMPOSSIBLE to experience stress or anxiety and take a deep, full breath at the same time? Let me say it louder for the kids in the back. You cannot be stressed or anxious and breathe deeply at the same time. WHOA! I wonder why people say “take a deep breath” when somebody is upset. Coincidence? I think not.

In the first episode, we will go over breath retention and alternate nostril breathing. Both are helpful, easy techniques, each with a different purpose. 

The first technique is breath retention. Simply put, breath retention is holding your breath in and your exhale out. This has a physiological effect on the brain, allowing for more oxygen into your cells and more carbon dioxide out. This technique has a very calming effect on both your physical and emotional body. Ahhhh.

The second technique is alternate nostril breathing. This type of breathing has an energizing effect on your systems, as it integrates both hemispheres of your brain. Alternate nostril breathing improves attention, fine motor coordination and performance. It is also beneficial for your heart and lungs. If you need a little midday energizer, this breath is for you! Watch the first episode and I’ll guide you through the practice.

We are here to support you so you can find and create ways to better support yourself. 

In support of each other, Namaste.