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A Sweat Life has been on a mission since 2012 when creator, Jeana Cohen, wanted to share her love of fitness and how to stay motivated through routines. Setting out to become a go-to resource for gyms, workouts, and products, A Sweat Life has reached readers across the country for years. “Today, a SweatLife is a best-in-class media company that helps you live your best life — through workouts, yes, but also through mindfulness, nutrition, community, and empowerment.”

In the spirit of trying and testing products for it’s readers, A Sweat Life used SHEFIT during a workout. Highlighting some of our main features as major benefits to women who struggle with the standard sports bra design. “As a woman with a small torso but a not-so-flat chest, I often find that a “small” is too small and a “medium” fits my rib cage but provides no support,” Dani Kruger wrote. Front zippers have become more and more common in the sportswear industry, but SHEFIT takes it one step further with more customization. The adjustable ribcage band and set-your-support lift gives SHEFIT the edge on competition.

The prototype of SHEFIT was first created with a hot-glue gun and a maternity bra by Sara Moylan. Tired of not being able to find the support she needed as she continued her fitness journey after the birth of her children, the Ultimate Sports Bra was created in a basement. As Moylan found that other women were struggling, she continued to build SHEFIT into an industry competitor. Wanting to take on the sportswear titans, SHEFIT has been inclusive about sizing from the start. Giving the power to the customers, “the patented and signature Zip, Cinch, Lift™ technology allows women to fully customize the bra to their body so that they feel their best to do their best!” Moylan beamed. 

More and more, women are pushing the boundaries in sport and sports bras need to keep up. As technologies advance, SHEFIT hopes to be a leader in the world of women’s wear. “Everyday bras, swim tops, tanks and tech bras” are just a few of the innovations Moylan wants to bring to fruition at SHEFIT.