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Runner’s World has us blushing yet again! They shouted-out the Ultimate Flex Bra as a piece of gear that will make you feel like you’re in a J.Lo music video, which you should give a read. Now, our Ultimate is getting the glamorous treatment for being the top choice for women searching for support from cup sizes A to J.

First, let’s break it down. How can one bra be so many different things to different women? It’s all in the design. The patented technology SHEFIT designed allows the customers to get their perfect fit with the unique size chart. “From there, nearly every inch of the bra is customizable—all to your personal preference.” From the shoulder-straps to the ribcage band, the wearer can adjust to their comfort level. Choose from X-back or H-back, decide how tight you want your feel to be, get the lift you want, and “all that’s left is a quick tug on the SHEFIT’s magnetic locking zipper, and it’s run time.”

In the gym or out on a run, the Ultimate will wick away moisture to keep you feeling fresh and ready to tackle more. Reach new personal bests and get that extra mile by not worrying about adjusting your bra every step. Test Results from Runner’s World? “Two thumbs way up for support, reporting that they felt fully secure and completely bounce-free on their runs.”

Give yourself the best support with the Ultimate Sports Bra from SHEFIT. With core colors of Black and White or Limited Edition colors that sell out, you can find what you’ve been searching for.