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Take a Moment of Calm to recenter your day. Welcome to Episode three: Awakening (Sun Salutation)

Here we are in the beginning of March. Resolutions have come and gone. We are in the home-stretch of winter and still trying to figure out how to do it all and how to do it all perfectly. It’s frustrating. Then there is the (usually self-imposed) pressure of things like Pinterest. We are a lot of things, but a Pinterest mom and Instagram-worthy yogi, we are not.

Monday of a brand-new week, a brand-new start. How many of you have waited for Monday to get back on track with healthy eating or to be more consistent with self-care? How many of you lovely ladies are waiting for Monday to Marie Kondo your house or apartment? “Never miss a Monday.” What is it about Mondays that hold that inevitable ever of promise and hope for all of the things we aspire to be and accomplish?

I have been on the hamster wheel of Mondays for too much of my life. Then about two years ago, I stopped, pretty much cold turkey. I heard something and it really struck a chord with me, “You don’t have to do everything at once, just do the next right thing…the next good thing.” Then sit back and watch your “good pile” grow!  I’ve heard things like that before. “Start somewhere, you’re lapping everyone who is sitting on the couch” but for whatever reason, this time, it sunk in.

Let me tell you what a relief it was to not have to eat perfectly, not have to work out 2 hours each day, not have to send Pinterest-worthy treats for my son’s snack at school, not have to have my house spotless. You get the idea.  Starting anything new can be daunting. We put so much pressure on ourselves to do it all and to do it all flawlessly. I can’t start something like yoga because I don’t have the time to do an entire practice. I can’t start eating better because I have dinner plans with girlfriends. We have all been there! I will bet you dollars to doughnuts that if you did one Down Dog, just one, every day for a month, you would feel a little looser. 

I get it, I have been in that mindset, but please hear me when I say, it doesn’t have to be perfect. What if you simply just started? Started with one moment of calm at a time?  What if all that was needed was one minute of “good” in your day so you can simply watch that good pile grow?  What if you could let go of all the other stuff?  Because really, that is just noise. 

This week, we are continuing to just put one foot in front of the other, quite literally! And seriously, if all you did today was show up for one minute, for just one Down Dog, I am proud of you. You are already on the right track. I would take progress and presence over perfection any day of the week. Simply moving through a couple rounds of Sun Salutations can help awaken the “good” and serve as a superb platform to expand upon (cue that good pile), once you feel ready and it makes sense for you. 

Some of you may have stumbled upon this blog now, in week three. If that is the case, I say perfect! Start now, in week three on a Tuesday! Let’s watch that good pile grow together. We are here to support you so you can find and create ways to better support yourself.

We are here to support you so you can find and create ways to better support yourself. 

In support of each other, Namaste.