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What women are saying about the revolutionary Ultimate Sports Bra:

We know our SHEFIT bra is one of a kind, we can understand your hesitation of trying something new! The SHEFIT Ultimate Sports bra is rated a 4.7 out of 5 Stars. Here is what some of our SHEFIT Sisters are saying about the SHEFIT Ultimate Sports Bra:

Lexi Reed: Lexi is known for her popular weight loss story. Check her out her Instagram page @fatgirlfedup! After giving one of our bras a try, Lexi became a SHEFIT Sister for life! Lexi decided to do a comparison video stacking our SHEFIT Ultimate Sports Bra head-to-head against the popular Victoria Secret Knockout Bra. Not surprisingly, SHEFIT came out on top! Lexi loved the lift that SHEFIT provided her and we now see Lexi wearing her SHEFIT bras daily! Here is Lexi’s VIDEO

KrysAnn: KrysAnne runs a blog that focuses on health and self-care. She did an honest review of the SHEFIT Ultimate Sports Bra that can be read HERE. KrysAnne is now a SHEFIT fan for life! Loving the customization and comfort of the SHEFIT Sports Bra, she ended her review by saying, “Bye, bye Victoria’s Secret! No more stretchy, bouncy sports bras for me."

GrownUpDish: A blog that proudly discusses “real talk” takes on a SHEFIT review. GrowUpDish was happy to announce that the SHEFIT Ultimate Sports Bra performs exactly as advertised and was extremely supportive. She also mentioned how comfortable her Ultimate Sports Bra was: “It’s super easy to get on/off and it’s very supportive and comfortable to wear. In just a week, it’s become my favorite sports bra and the only one I want to wear”. Read the full review HERE 

RunnersWorld: Runners World named the SHEFIT Ultimate Sports Bra as one of the best bras for running on a recent list. “Our wear-testers gave the SHEFIT Ultimate two thumbs way up for support, reporting that they felt fully secure and completely bounce-free on their runs”. Read the whole article HERE

Still not convinced? Here are some additional reviews from our website! These are SHEFIT Sisters who have recently purchased an Ultimate Sports Bra

“Wow. I've never had any bra be so comfy and supportive. It is absolutely adjustable to whatever my current need is. I'm getting more as soon as my budget allows. I have heavy breasts and nothing that doesn't hurt has ever given me proper support. I'm in love."

“I absolutely HATE having to wear a sports bra, but the Shefit Ultimate is an exception. It is the most comfortable sports bra I have ever worn. It holds "the girls" better than anything else I have tried. It is easy to put on, and I really like the adjustability.”

“I am a breastfeeding Momma and lets just say the girls are huge! This bra was sent from heaven to tame the Tatas. I took a boxing class (with a lot of jump rope) and I rode my horse in a lesson. Needless to say the girls didn't budge!!!!! I now can run, skip, and play and not have to worry about the Tatas!”

“Purchased this bra for my 12 year old who plays volleyball. She is a 32DD She definitely needed help in sports and gym class. It works wonderfully. Eliminates bounce and makes her feel comfortable. Love your product. We will BOTH be a return customer.”