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A full body Workout, to get your heart rate up and help you kick off your New Years Resolutions 

Let’s kick-off 2019 strong together! For the next 15 weeks, we are going to bring you workouts and tips to make sure this is your strongest year yet! You can use these guides to spice-up your workout routine or start for the very first time. Our first week is a full body HIIT workout and we can’t wait to take on these workouts as a Sisterhood!

Each move has 10 reps and you will want to complete the workout 3-4 rounds all the way through! Give yourself about 90 seconds recovery between rounds but keep recovery to a minimum between moves in order to keep your heart rate up!

Week one is a Full Body Blast  that will be sure to get your heart rate up, with no equipment necessary. This could be an at home workout, or take it to your gym. So, throw on your SHEFIT Ultimate Sports Bra, turn on some tunes, and get your sweat on!

1. Push Up (10 reps)

Push Up

Start in a high-plank position and lower down, keep your elbows pointed behind you. If you need to modify this move you can always drop to your knees. This move is great to strengthen your chest, core, and keeps you back muscles engaged! These are important muscle groups to work to keep your posture in tip-top-shape.

2. Jump Squats (10 reps)

Jump Squat

Start in a squatted position, push off the ground and point your toes. Be sure to reach your arms about your head at the top! You can modify this move to be low-impact by simply squating and reaching above your head. Say it with me ladies: compound movements! Compound movements work multiple large muscle groups and are extremely beneficial in your routine. You’ll feel the burn in your quads, hamstrings and glutes!

3. Mountain Climbers (10 reps each leg)

Mountain Climbers

Start in a high plank position and drive one knee up towards the middle of your chest, switching quickly between legs. If you need to modify, move your legs at a slower pace but keep that form tight! Focus on squeezing your abdomen to work that core!

4. Jumping Jacks (10 reps)

Jumping Jacks

Start with feet together and arms at your sides, jump your feet out to the side and reach high above your head in a ‘Star’ like pattern. Now, these are not gym-class jumping jacks so make them large and proud as you bring your heart rate up and wake up the muscles in your back!

5. Burpees (10 reps)


Start in a standing position. Reach down to the floor and jump your feet back into a high plank position, jump your feet back to your hands, jump up and reach to the sky. This move can be modified to be more challenging by adding a push up when in the high-plank position. This is another compound move working your legs and core!

Remember to repeat all 5 moves 3-4 times through, then stretch  it out. Be sure to really stretch your core and quads after this one!

For a high impact workout such as this, the Ultimate Sports Bra  would best support you through the moves. Keeping you snug and secure as you jump, move, and squat.

"This bra is life changing! I have always struggled with sports bras. This is the only one that holds me in and doesn't loosen over the course of a workout!" - Cassie C

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