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It’s  Workout Wednesday and we are back with a full body kettlebell workout! The only materials you will need is a kettlebell and your SHEFIT Sports Bra

Using a kettlebell will add resistance training into your weekly schedule! Resistance training is important because it helps speed up your metabolism, support strong bones and build muscle. 

Be sure to repeat this workout 3-4 times. You will want to choose a kettlebell that you would consider medium weight (we suggest between 10lbs and 20lbs).

1. Kettlebell Swings (10 Reps)

Start with legs bent in a squat position with arms down and the kettlebell hovering above the ground. Straighten your legs, driving your hips forward and bringing your arms up. This will work your back and your leg muscles -A great move for improving posture!

2. Row (10 Reps each arm)

Start with your legs in a crouched lunge position, keeping most of your weight in your front leg. Lean forward and rest your elbow on your knee. The kettlebell should be in your opposite arm, pull the kettlebell up to your ribcage. Extend your arm to the starting position. Be sure to squeeze your shoulder blades at the top to really work your upper back.

3. Figure 8 Squat (10 Reps)

Start with legs in a squat position and kettlebell in one hand. Switch the kettlebell between hands going under each leg in a figure 8 motion.

4. Single Leg Deadlift (10 reps each leg)

Time to work our balance while working our legs! Keep a slight bend in your supporting leg. Hinge forward from the hip letting the kettlebell drift down to your shin. Stand straight, driving your hips forward. You can have your opposite leg out behind you or in a crouched position.

5. Goblet Squat (10 reps) 

With your feet wide, bring the kettlebell up to your chest. Squat low and straighten your legs, be sure to squeeze your booty at the top of each squat!

6. Split Squat (10 Each Leg)

With a short set lunge squat low keeping the kettlebell at your chest. Straighten up. You will feel this in your front leg!

Don’t forget to start with a warm up, then repeat the sequence 3-4 times. Stretch out your back and hamstrings after this one - trust us, you will feel this tomorrow! Don't forget to Pin the photo bellow to save this workout for Later: 

This is a workout you could complete with your Ultimate Sports Braor your Ultimate Flex! Check out why women LOVE using SHEFIT for their workouts: 

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