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Finding the perfect sports bra is like finding Prince (or Princess) Charming. No, we’re not talking about tall, dark and handsome; we’re talking about personalized bust band, front zipper, removable pads, and most importantly, customized and adjustable straps – oh, and comfort.

Your sports bra will be supporting your girls, so you two will be spending A LOT of time together. Why not hold out for “the one?” Although our Ultimate Sports Bra has numerous distinguishable components, we’ll focus on the importance of our customizable and adjustable bra straps:

In general, what’s so important about a bra that properly fits your bust?

For starters, adjustable bra straps are a BIG deal. Without this, your breasts will not be properly supported by your shoulders and back-area, which will lead to the dreaded “s” word: sagging. Properly fitting straps allow for a higher cinch and more support. Not having the proper fit can lead to neck pain, back pain and headaches. Ironically, nearly 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size, and the majority of these cases involve poorly fitting straps.

So, what are the benefits of the Ultimate Sports Bras personalized straps?

Simply stated: Support, customization and confidence

  • The one-inch wide non-stretch straps have over 15” of adjustability. This equals extreme vertical lift, and all-around support.
    • (P.S. 15” is A LOT of adjustability. We support woman of all shapes and sizes. We don’t judge.)
  • The two-way wear allows for greater customization. Bra straps can be configured into X-back or H-Back form.
    • Gone are the days where your shoulders ache from bra-strap tension. Switch up your bra-wearing routine with two distinct configurations.
  • You’ll experience immense support and confidence. No more worrying about ‘falling out.’
    • Your bra, your way. It’s that easy.

As we mentioned, 80% of women are wearing an incorrect bra size, however, when in the correct size, the Shefit Ultimate Sports Bra can create up to 35% more lift and maintains more support than standard sports bras. In fact, we believe that 99% of women, when in the right size, will prefer our bra over competitors.

Not only have Runner's World and Inside Fitness Women magazines declared Shefit one of the “Best Sports Bras” (August 2016), certified plastic surgeon Dr. Brad Bengtson, MD, FACS, has completed extensive research on our Ultimate Sports Bra. He had this to say, “Shefit is a uniquely designed sports bra with patented adjustability for maximum support. It has been scientifically studied and allows even recent postoperative breast patients increased early mobility, more pain-free activity with maximal comfort.”

Keep in mind that in order to lengthen the life of your Ultimate Sports Bra, proper bra maintenance is essential. By not taking care of your beloved sports bra, you risk deteriorating and stretching out numerous bra components—including the almighty and supportive bra straps. For tips on bra maintenance, reference our previous blog post.


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