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Jump Rope = The King of Cardio! 

Jumping rope blasts more calories in a short period of time than any other cardio exercise (about 180 calories in 15 minutes, you jumping at least 2/3 of that time). It's a full body workout that is easy on your knees (HALLELUJAH 🙌). 

In this video, I am demonstrating some of my favorite jumping variations to add to my workout! When I first started jumping rope, I would use the timer on my phone and lay it in front of me. I would jump for 30 seconds, then rest for 30 seconds -- repeat for 30 minutes, doing a different type of jump each time! Now, I've worked up the stamina to go for 1 minute on, 20 seconds rest. 

Your jumps should be small and quick! If you feel like you can't jump fast because the rope is too slow or you are having to jump crazy high to keep up with the ropes tempo, you need a better jump rope (try a speed rope). 

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Variations of Jump Rope: 

Standard Jump Rope

You don’t need to make this one more complicated than it is. Just a single jump over the rope with both feet. Focus on keeping a low jump and moving the rope faster as you become more efficient with this movement.

High Knees

This is going to challenge those who are newer to jump rope. Alternating legs on each jump, pull your leg up until your knee is even with your hip. You will have to slightly lean back so you can bring your knees up high. Start slow with this one since your legs are moving more than they would in a standard jump.

Hip Twists

You will be jumping similar to a standard jump. Instead of keeping your hips forward, you will twist them with every jump. Try to keep your upper body facing forward as you twist your lower body side to side. This should give your obliques a good workout.

Jumping Jacks

This is not a horribly complex variation, but can still work your legs if you do it right. With every jump, you will move your feet in and out as if you were doing a jumping jack motion. To do this, engage your inner thigh with each jump. 


Jump like normal, but use only one leg. Do 2 jumps on one leg and then switch to the other and do the same. Go back and forth for the whole time. Use your inner thigh, abs, and glutes to help stabilize you during this variation.

Side Hops

With both feet together, hop side to side with each jump. Don’t jump too far or it will take you off balance. Try to be quick with you jumps to really work your core and glutes.

High Jumps

This variation tends to look harder than it actually is. You will perform normal jumps and every third (or so) jump you will jump higher. As you jump high, cross your arms over each other when the rope comes in front of you. Jumping higher will allow the rope to clear your feet since crossing the rope usually slows it down. When the rope comes back around uncross your arms and go back into a normal jump. Repeat this sequence and take your jumps much slower than you would with a normal jump.

Double Unders

This is a challenging variation for people of all skill levels. You will need to practice this movement as it tends to be a lot of coordination and timing with your jumps. A double under is when you jump with both feet then pass the rope under your feet twice before you land. The trick with this is to use your wrists to whip the rope around twice as you are in the air. Do not use your whole arm to move the rope because it takes too long to move your arms versus your wrists. The jump will be higher than typical, and your feet will come slightly forward at the top of the jump. It helps if you don’t tense up. You want to be relaxed, and have great timing with your jump and your swing. This will be a great skill to work up to and perfect!