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Happy Wednesday SHEFIT Sisters! This week we are going to elevate our workout. Below are four common moves with beginner, intermediate, and advanced modifications. Combine the four moves 3-4 times plus 15-20 minutes of cardio for a great workout. Be sure to challenge yourself and give those advanced moves a try!

It is important to change up your workout routine so you are always pushing yourself and to be sure your results do not hit a plateau!


1. Push Ups (10 Reps)

Full body circuit workout

Push ups are a great addition to any workout. They work your chest, your core and your back! Nobody loves them, but they will bring your workout to the next level! Start with your hands firmly planted on the ground. Lower yourself to the floor, then raise to starting position. Add difficulty by moving from your knees to your toes, then raise a leg.

2. Russian Twist  (10 reps each leg)

Full body circuit workout

Activate that core! Start by sitting with your knees bent. Slowly twist to each side. To add difficulty, remove your feet from the ground and add weight. The weight can be a dumbbell, kettlebell or a medicine ball. We suggest between 6 & 12 pounds.

3. Chest Press (10 Reps)

Full body circuit workout

You will need two dumbbells for this move. Start on your back with a dumbbell in each hand, arms straight above your shoulders. Lower your arms to 90 degrees. You can modify this by raising your hips into a bridge. We suggest weights between 10 & 20 pounds.

 4. Glute Bridges (10 Reps)

Full body circuit workout

Working your core goes beyond your abdomen. Your back muscles are part of your core and just as important work in order to avoid injury and improve posture! Start by laying on your back, raise your bottom off the floor so your neck to your knees form a straight line. Relax and return to the floor. Repeat. Modify by lifting a leg.

Do this entire workout 3-4 times through, and add 15-20 minutes of cardio for a great workout this week! Some great cardio examples include Running cycling or checking out our Full Body HITTfrom week one. For high-intensity workouts we always suggest the Ultimate Sports Bra!

“This takes my exercise experience to the next level! No embarrassing adjusting or discomfort. I can just do my thing!” - Annette E. 

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Full body circuit workout