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A full body Workout, to get your heart rate up and help you kick off your New Years Resolutions 

Week two is all about abs! There are many benefits to developing a strong core besides appearance. An article from Harvard Health Publishinghighlighted the every day benefits. Our abdomen muscles help protect your back, create better posture, and prevent injuries day to day. This workout can be done anywhere however you may want a mat or towel to lay on for comfort, and of course your SHEFIT Ultimate Flex!

Each move has 20 reps for 3-4 rounds, between each round hold a plank for 30 seconds. Give yourself about 90 seconds recovery between rounds but keep recovery to a minimum between moves!

1. Russian Twists (20 reps each Side)

Russian Twist

Start sitting on the ground with your legs bent at the knees. Elevate your upper body so that you create a V-shape. Using weight will add difficulty, or you can do the movement without as a modifier. Twist your torso to the right side, while breathing out. Move to the opposite side in a controlled movement. Repeat.

2. Crunch (20 reps)


Start on your back with knees bent and arms bent behind your head. Be careful to protect your neck by keeping your eyes on the ceiling!Be sure to get your entire shoulder blades up and off the floor with each crunch!

3. Bicycle (20 Reps)

Cycle Crunch

Start on your back with knees bent and arms behind your head. Extend one leg out straight (so that it is parallel with the floor), bending the opposite knee and bringing it towards your chest. While in this position bring your shoulder blades off the floor and rotate your chest towards your bent knee. Switch your legs and chest rotation 20 times. You may feel this move activate your lower abs as well as your upper abs.

4. Side Dips (20 Reps, each side)

Plank Dips

Start in side plank by putting your weight in one hand and having your feet stacked. Both feet should be facing the same direction. Let your hips ‘Fall’ out of the straight line so that they dip towards the floor. Bring your hips back up to starting position. This move can be modified by bringing your bending your bottom knee and placing it on the floor. This move will activate your obliques, the muscles on the sides of your abdomens

Plank (30 Seconds)

With your weight on your forearms and toes, keep your body in a straight line parallel to the floor. Hold this for 30 seconds. You may feel this move activate your shoulders and back muscles as well as your core- that means it’s working! It is important to remember our core muscles, include our back muscle too and we should be sure to give them some love!

Remember to repeat all 4 moves 3-4 times through, and plank 30 seconds between each round. This is a great workout to pair with some lite cardio to get your heart rate up. Check out last week’s workout for that cardio bump. Another great option may be going for a walk or jog!

For a workout like this one, we would suggest the Ultimate Flex Bra. This premium-fabric bra will keep you supported, while giving you the ability to move freely during the rotating exercises!

"I absolutely love my SHEFIT! I was a little hesitant to spend the money, but it was well worth every dollar! Keeps the girls in place, and gives me the confidence to kick butt in my workouts." -Rachel K

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