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Take on Dumbbell Squats with confidence, using these tips! 

Welcome back to Workout Wednesday! Getting into the weight room can feel really intimidating, especially if you are fearful you may be completing a move incorrectly. Good form is important to protect your body from injury and to help boost your confidence. Let’s tackle some common weight room mishaps together!

This week we are focusing on the popular Dumbbell Squat. Remember how we talked about compound movements? Compound movements work multiple large muscle groups at one time, making them extremely beneficial in your routine! Squats are the queen compound movement, especially if you are working towards a toned booty - we know we are!!

Here are some important things to keep in mind while doing a Dumbbell Squat:

1. Your Chest

Keep your chest high and proud. This helps you keep your lower back engaged and supported!

2. Your Knees

Keep your knees over your toes. Letting your knees come to the inside of your legs or letting them fall out to the sides will activate the wrong muscles and leave room for injury!

3. Weight in Heels

Keep your weight in your heels as you move slowly and with control. Squats are not a race! You want to make large, slow movements to be sure you are activating your muscles and getting the most out of your workout!


Get your sweat on and pair 3 sets of 10 Dumbbell Squats with last week's AB workout and 15-20 minutes of your favorite cardio.


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